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The Bridge Baron team:

The Bridge Baron team:

Standing Left to Right:
Bryan Ecker,
Thomas Throop,
Rick Colon,
George Yanakiev,
Steve Rosenfeld,
Stephen Smith,
Antonio Betances,
Cindy Offterdinger (not pictured)

iBridgeBaron mobile device developer

Milen Milkovski

I first started playing Bridge when I was 12. My father introduced me to Bridge and in my high school and university years Bridge was big part of my live. I got involved with GGP in 1999. Since then, I have been providing Great Game Products with product developement, technical support, database support, and networking support. I have enjoyed my relationship with Great Game Products.

Thomas Throop - CEO

Mechanical Engineering - Boston University 1987
Masters Degree - MBA, Boston University 2001

I graduated from Boston University with Mechanical Engineering Degree in 1987. After graduating I worked for Corabi International Telemetrics, which was a pioneer in the field of the telemedicine. The company developed a system which uses a remote controlled robotic microscope to make a pathology diagnosis. I moved back to Boston in 1989 and began working for Cambridge Computer Services. The company provided network services and consulting for various companies in the Boston area. After leaving Cambridge Computer Services, I became a Network and Systems consultant working for various companies in the Boston Area, including National Medical Care, Houghton Mifflin, and Pilot Software. In 1997, my wife and I went out St. Louis so she could get her Masters Degree. During this time I worked for Boeing as a Senior Systems Program Manager. After completing her degree, my wife and I came back to Boston, and I entered the MBA program at Boston University. After I graduated I became CEO of Great Game Products, Inc., which is located out of Potomac, MD. Great Game Products specializes in the development of computer bridge products for players at all skill levels. I currently live in Durham, NH with my sons, Austin and Deacon.

Stephen Smith - Lead programmer

Stephen Smith is the lead programmer for Great Game Products. He began working on a Bridge Baron research project as a graduate student in 1989,and began part-time consulting on Bridge Baron in 1992. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1997; his dissertation dealt primarily with the use of task-network planning techniques in Bridge Baron. After three years as a professor at Hood College, he came to Great Game Products full-time in 1999.

Cindy Offterdinger - Office Manager

I have played bridge since I was 13 and met the Throops playing duplicate bridge in the 60s. Joined GGP in 1996 after a long career selling real estate. It has been fun watching GGP evolve from a business in the basement of a home to a company with 7 fulltime employees in 3 different cities. I deal mostly with sales, the teachers and the retailers, do all of the shipping overseas and to everyone , but the US individual customer. Additionally I make sure the bills are paid and generally keep things running smoothly.