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Discover Bridge - $29.95

  • "Improving my bridge skills was one of my own goals. I found a computer program called Bridge Baron...that allows me to develop my skills by playing against the computer" Written by Robert Pearce Wilkins, founding editor of several magazines and practicing lawyer for most of his life, 50 Things to Do With the Rest of Your Life provides a list of meaningful and fulfilling activities to accomplish. A sample of the list includes:

    Make your personal list of 50 things to do.
    Start making your travel plans.
    Organize and get rid of your junk.
    Write a journal of things you remember and cherish.
    Learn to do something you've always wanted to do.
    Make a budget for your 50 things.
    Control Asking Bids
    Compile your own family cookbook.
    Add more humor to your life.
    Guard your health.
    And much, much more!

    The author provides practical advice and pointers to helpful resources in your community, in print and on the Internet. R.P.W. Publishing Corp. ISBN 0-9608450-0-3 Softcover, 96 pages