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We currently provide free technical support for Bridge Baron 22, 23 and 24 Pat Harrington, Audrey Grant, mobile APPS, Tournaments, Learn and Practice Bidding Conventions and Shark Bridge products.

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Great Game Products offers technical support over the phone. Our technical support specialists can be reached at 1-888-762-8922 Monday through Friday from 9:00am - 4:00PM (EASTERN STANDARD TIME)

Your support request will be answered within one business day.

For quicker service please email

Great Game Products is constantly trying to improve our support for our customers. We have started using a system to track our customers issues. Once you fill out a form you will receive an email with a ticket number. The ticket number will also be a link so that you can view the status of your request. Please make sure you pick a department for your request. You will get a response to your email within one business day.

For questions dealing with the bidding and/or play we need the deal number as well as the bidding (and the play, if applicable) up to the point where the situation occurs. It is also useful for us to know what conventions you are using for each partnership, what thinking time you have set for Bridge Baron (the longer it thinks, the better it plays), and any other information that seems relevant.

If you did not receive your activation key please click on Contact Us and select "Need Activation Key" as the Problem category. Then send us your activation key.

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