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Bridge Deal of the Week (Sep 21 2007)

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 K6 Deal


The Auction:

West   North   East   South
pass    pass     2      3
3      3♠        4      4♠
dbl     all pass

This deal came up in a pair event, and the auction given here occurred at the table. South dealt and opened 1♠ with both sides being vulnerable. West might have make a takeout double over 1♠, but his pass was fine considering that he had only three hearts and a scattered 12 count. However, his 3 call was quite timid, and did not do justice to his hand. The final contract was 4♠X by South.

West led a heart, East won the first two tricks with the king and ace of hearts, and switched to the ♣4 which declarer won with the ace. Declarer plays the ♠A and plays a second spade to your king, partner following with the ♠5 and ♠2. Assuming 4 is cold, you need to defeat 4♠ by three tricks to score +800 in order to get a good score. +500 would be a bottom score when compared to the pairs who score +620 in 4. How do you plan to extract maximum penalty?

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Bridge Baron deal No: N2771-04363-00849-25240-99846-60892

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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