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Bridge Deal of the Week (Mar 24 2006)

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The Auction:
South  West  North  East
1H      1S       2S*     pass
3H       pass    4H     all pass

* limit raise or better in hearts

Bidding Explanation:
North's 2S by agreement showed a limit raise or better in hearts. South's bid of 3H was conservative, especially since he had a 6th heart and a singleton diamond. However, his action was not unreasonable considering that he had only 11 High Card Points, and the King of Spades was not worth much after West's 1S overcall. North had enough in reserve to bid 4H.

The opening lead is the King of Diamonds (East-West lead the King from KQ). Plan the play.

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Bridge Baron deal No: 4902312017280763537079641888

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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