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Bridge Deal of the Week (Jul 06 2012)

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Problem: The Auction:

West North East South
Pass 2♣ Pass 2
Pass 3♥! Pass 4♠
Pass 4NT Pass 5♣
Pass 6♠ all pass

You open the auction with 1 NT, North responds with 2♣ (Stayman), you deny a four-card major with 2 and North bids 3. This game forcing bid – a Smolen transfer* – means North has 5-4 in majors, with spades the longer suit.

As you have a three card support in spades you answer with 4♠. North asks for aces, you show 3 keycards by RKCB keycard system and North declares 6♠. West leads the ♣6. How are you going to play this small slam?

* The Smolen transfer is an extension of the Stayman convention. It is used when the responder has 6-4 or 5-4 in the majors. After 1NT-2♣-2 the responder bids the complementary (shorter) major on three level so the opener can declare the final contract.

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Bridge Baron deal No: N1339-17257-73232-31668-61462-93432

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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