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Bridge Deal of the Week (Apr 14 2006)

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You are playing a 7 board swiss match, and you open 1H with the South hand. West doubles, and partner redoubles. RHO passes and so do you. LHO bids 2C, and partner cue-bids 3C, which shows a game forcing hand. You bid a meek 3H, wishing that you hadn't opened this hand in the first place. Partner bids 4H after some thought. East doubles, which doesn't surprise you given your hand. Partner however looks surprised, and ventures a redouble! He has a lot of confidence in your declarer play!

West leads the Two of Diamonds. It is unusual for defenders to underlead an Ace in a suit contract. However, since West made a takeout double, it is a good idea try the King anyway; it won't hurt you much if the King loses to the Ace and if the King wins, you'll have one loser less. Hence, you play the King, which loses to the Ace. East shifts to the Eight of Clubs. Do you like your chances?

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Bridge Baron deal No: 34887782103510189679636739124

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