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Bridge Deal of the Week (Oct 11 2013)

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 42 Deal  6
 KQ9653  J104
 1075 AKQJ98
K4  932


Can you guess what contract was reached?

West, who has a 6-card suit of hearts, starts the bidding. East has a solid suit of six diamonds, which count for six tricks and 3-card support for hearts. East also has a singleton spade, which might encourage East to bid quite high – if West/East could secure the contract and North/South start by leading spades two times, West could regain the lead, pull the trumps and run the diamonds.

North holds seven clubs starting with the ♣A and has a singleton diamond. South has 16 HCP, an 8-card suit of spades and two singletons – hearts and clubs. Together North/South hold 10 spades and 8 clubs, but finding an entry point to North`s hand might pose a problem. Will North support South with only two spades? How high will South bid with three diamond losers?

Dealer: West

Vul: both

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Bridge Baron deal No: N2347-56626-80455-88445-54371-55542

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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