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Bridge Deal of the Week (May 19 2006)

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The Auction:
South  West  North  East
1      1♠       2      3♣
4       pass    pass   5♣
pass*   pass    6!!  all pass

* forcing pass

Fact is often stranger than fiction. This is true at the bridge table too, as illustrated by this deal. South opened 1, West overcalled 1♠, North showed support by bidding 2. South felt that he had enough to bid 4 over East's 3♣. When East persisted with 5♣, South wanted to consult partner whether to double them in 5♣, or to play in 5.

It seems routine for North to double, with a 4-3-3-3 distribution, 2 aces, and an ominous holding of three small spades. North considered these points, but observed that South did not double 5♣ himself, and therefore displayed interest in competing further. He further reasoned that the two aces are useful cards on offense as well, and the four card trump support was a good offensive holding too. He made a flamboyant, and possibly counterintuitive bid of 6! East wanted to double this strange bid, especially after he propelled them to slam, but neither opponent had a hand to double. West leads the ♣K, and South gives his cards to you; it is up to you to make the contract now.

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Bridge Baron deal No: 42760542795681216290202951482

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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