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Bridge Deal of the Week (Sep 08 2006)

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  Deal   ♠ 10754
    ♥ 105
    ♦ 983
    ♣ AQ93


The Auction:
West   North   East   South
            1       pass    2♣
pass     2♠      pass    2NT
pass    4NT     pass    6NT
all pass

Partner leads the 7, covered by dummy's 9, your 10, and won by declarer's King. A heart is played back to dummy's ace, and a club is played off the board. Here is your first crucial decision: do you win the Ace, or play low? You correctly play low (more on this later), and declarer's King wins the trick. Declarer plays the Queen, King and Ace of diamonds, discarding a club on the third round of diamonds. A heart is played from the dummy now; what do you discard? Declarer will win the trick with the Queen, and proceed to cash the J. What do you discard now?

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Bridge Baron deal No: 16888009796350751818799333928

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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