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Bridge Deal of the Week (Dec 15 2006)

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The Auction:
West   North   East   South
1      dbl*     pass    2♣
pass    5♣       all pass

* Negative Double

West led the ♠J. South won the spade lead in hand, and played the King and Ace of Clubs, drawing all the missing trumps. Declarer started eliminating the hand, and unblocked the Ace and King of Diamonds. He now cashed the ♠K and ruffed a spade, and was disappointed to see West discard a heart. If West had held four spades, he could have been thrown in with the fourth spade; a diamond ruff in dummy would have completed the elimination, and declarer would have led the fourth spade discarding a heart from hand, leaving West on play.

Since that plan did not come through, declarer ruffed his diamond in dummy, and played a heart. When East alertly contributed the 10 to this trick, declarer knew that the contract had no further chances. He played the K, West won the Ace and quickly cashed two more heart tricks to set the contract.

"I was very unlucky, if West had held four spades, he would have been endplayed", South complained. "Alternatively, if West had carelessly discarded a diamond when I ruffed a spade, he could still have been thrown in with the Q. And finally, if West had AQJ10 of hearts, I could still endplay him. When I led a heart from dummy, if East played a small heart, I would have ducked it to West. I tried my best, but they defended very well, the contract cannot be made". "3NT is laydown", observed North thoughtfully. "Yes, there are 9 top tricks", agreed South. "I could not respond 1NT, as I did not have diamonds stopped. If you cue-bid 2, I would bid notrumps".

Do you agree with South's remarks?

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Bridge Baron deal No: N1527-12722-56281-82028-28520-81073

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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