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Bridge Deal of the Week (Mar 02 2007)

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  Deal   ♠ 10987532
    ♥ AQ
    ♦ Q65
    ♣ 10


The Auction:
West   North   East   South
1       2        2♠      5
pass     pass     dbl     all pass

You are East, playing the last board in a closely contested team-of-four knockout match. South opens 1, partner overcalls 1 and North bids 2. You try 2♠, as 4♠ would be an excellent contract if partner has spade support. South goes into a tank, and finally bids 5, partner and North pass. This is not an enviable situation to be in. Partner is likely to lead spades since you bid the suit, which might not augur well for the defense. You double, hoping it might alert partner not to lead a spade.

Partner apparently did not get your message, and makes the disastrous lead of the ♠K. Declarer wins the trick with the Ace, and leads a diamond and captures partner's King with dummy's Ace. Declarer leads the Queen and Jack of spades, and discards the Ten and King of hearts. He then calls for a low diamond from dummy. Do you give up, or can you think of a way to beat the contract?

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Bridge Baron deal No: N1938-44704-68573-45798-15634-21412

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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