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Bridge Deal of the Week (May 12 2006)

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 93 Deal


The Auction:
South  West  North   East
1NT    pass    3NT   all pass

You are West on this hand, and have an easy lead of K after a standard auction. Declarer ducks two hearts, and wins the third round with the Ace, all following throughout. Declarer now plays a spade to his Ace, and plays a low club. Your play. (The 1NT opening's range is 15-17)

A quick addition of points shows that you have 11 points, dummy has 9 points, declarer has a minimum of 15 points, so partner has at most 5 points (and a minimum of 3 points).

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Bridge Baron deal No: 10846712438281477418395171252

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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