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The Auction:
West   North   East   South
            1       pass    2
dbl       4       4♠       6
all pass

Partner leads the ♠K, against 6 after South has advertised a long and strong diamond suit. How do you propose to defeat the contract?

The winning play is to overtake partner's ♠K with the ace and play a heart. Say the defense continues a spade at trick two. Declarer will ruff in hand, and play the A, observing partner's failure to follow suit. He will then cross over to dummy with a heart, and take the marked diamond finesse against your queen.

If you play a heart at trick two, you remove dummy's late entry. In order to succeed, declarer needs to take a diamond finesse immediately, something he will never do in practice. He will play a diamond to the ace, but he will not be able to do anything about the bad break. If he plays a heart to dummy, you will ruff it, which will be your setting trick.

 KQ942 Deal  A865
 432  6
 -  Q83
 KJ1074  98652

A double dummy analysis is not applicable to this deal, as declarer can make the hand if he looks at all four hands. Your challenge here was to find a way for declarer to go wrong given that he cannot look at all four hands.
Par Contract Analysis:
Since 6 is makeable in theory, the par contract is 7♣X, which is two down.

Bridge Baron deal No : N1698-86718-92820-62701-51915-68903

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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