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Deal of the Week (Jul 18, 2008) Click here for Archives

The Auction:
West  North  East  South
1       dbl     pass   2
pass     2♠     pass   3♣
pass     3     pass   3
pass     4♣     pass   5♣
all pass

This week's deal is modified from a deal that occurred in the US team trials. You are invited to take the South seat, declaring 5♣ after West opened the bidding with 1. West leads the A, and follows it up with the K and Q, East ruffing with the ♣5 the third round, you overruff with the ♣9. You draw trumps next, West shows up with three of them, East discards two hearts (remember, he has already used one trump to ruff the third diamond). When you play a heart towards the ace, West follows with the jack, creating a finesse position in the suit for you. The question now is, do you finesse the 10, or do you play West to have QJ doubleton in hearts?

West has shown six diamonds, making East a favorite to hold length in the majors. This implies that West is likely to have the singleton J, and that it is right to finesse the 10. On further thought, if the heart finesse works, you don't need it! The correct play is to play the K. If West turned out to have the QJ doubleton in hearts after all, you have successfully divined it. And if West shows out on the K, you will be able to squeeze East in the majors! West has shown up with six diamonds, three clubs, and one heart - he therefore can have no more than three spades, making the squeeze a sure thing. You simply cash your last trump, pitching a heart from dummy, squeezing East in hearts and spades. If East discards the Q, you cash the 10. If East instead discards a spade, dummy's spades become good, and you can show off by winning the last trick with the ♠2! The point of this deal is that if the finesse of the 10 wins, you
 J84 Deal  10765
 J  Q9743
 AKQ974  65
 J87  54

Note that the contract is not 100% guaranteed - West may very well have a hand such as ♠ x QJx AKQxxx ♣ Jxx in which case the contract can never be made.

Bridge Baron's double dummy solver agrees that the simple squeeze on East guarantees the contract.

Bridge Baron's line of Play
Bridge Baron emerges victorious on this deal. After drawing West's trumps in three rounds, before tackling hearts, Bridge Baron cashes its last trump, immediately squeezing East in the majors.
Par Contract Analysis:
The par contract on this deal is 5♣ by North-South.

Bridge Baron deal No : N4453-50683-44732-21068-05374-52975

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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