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The Auction:
West  North  East  South
1♠      3♣      pass  3
pass   4       all pass

West leads the Q, you win in hand and lead the ♣10. West considers his play for a while, and eventually discards a spade(!), East wins the ♣A and returns a club. You discard a spade, West ruffs with the 5 and plays back a diamond. Plan the play to score ten tricks from this point.

West has shown up with the queen and jack of diamonds, he should hold the king and jack of spades for his opening 1♠ bid, and is certain to hold the queen and jack of hearts to add up to 10 points, let alone 12 or 13! There are a couple of elegant lines of play both of which result in success:

Line 1:
Finesse the diamond return with dummy's 9, play the ♠Q to the ace and ruff a spade, East following with the ♠4 and the ♠10. Cash the K to discard a spade from hand, play dummy's last diamond; East discards a club and you ruff with the 2. Ruff your last spade with dummy's 10 as East discards another club. Here is the four-card end position:

 K Deal  -
 QJ8  43
 -  -
 -  86
Play a club and ruff with the 6. West can overruff with the 8, but you win the last three tricks.

Line 2
Finesse the diamond return with dummy's 9, and cash the ♣K discarding a spade from hand. West can ruff with the 8 and return the Q, but you are now in control. You win the A, cash the ♠A and ruff a spade, cash the K to discard your last spade, ruff dummy's last diamond in hand (overruffing East's 4 with the 6 if required), cash the K to draw the defenders' last trump and claim.

 KJ975 Deal  104
 QJ85  43
 QJ87  652
 -  A86543

The lines of play suggested above require the 8 to be with West. If East holds the card, the contract cannot be made even after this friendly defense - you can try it for yourself by playing the deal using Bridge Baron.

Bridge Baron's double dummy analysis points out that the defense needs to play a heart either on opening lead, or when they get on lead next, in order to defeat the contract. West can ruff the ♣10 and lead the Q or East can win the ♣A and return a heart instead making the insipid club return.
Par Contract Analysis:
The par contract on this deal is 5♣ by North-South, which turns out to make in spite of the 6-0 trump break!

Bridge Baron deal No : N2290-27712-33963-17911-31519-99616

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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