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This week you are invited to take the South seat. West has led the ♣Q. Can you guess what contract has been declared? The auction was opened by South.


You have 15 HCP and North has 14, providing your side with a double stopper in every suit except clubs – where you have only the ♣K. The auction was obviously opened by South with 1, North apparently responded with spades and South probably answered with diamonds. What happened from there on?

Two hands combined you hold seven hearts and diamonds, also six spades. If the Q is in favorable position, you can count on five tricks in hearts, four in spades, two in diamonds and one club trick – altogether 12 tricks. Although hearts and spades were surely shown during the auction, a contract of 6NT seems definitely the choice, as your best trump suit – hearts – is only a seven-carder, also it is doubtful that North would have supported hearts.

West has led the ♣Q. East takes this trick with the ♣A (trick 1) and leads the 2 – putting your imaginary contract of 6NT into a tight spot at once. You have already lost one trick, if you play a small card and West holds the Q, you might lose another one. To play it safe you take this trick with the A (trick 2), lead the A (trick 3) and a small diamond next. West plays a small diamond too, you finesse the J, which wins the trick as East discards a small club (trick 4).

Now you can lead a small club from the dummy to your king (trick 5) – whoever has the ♣J, must hold on tight to his winner and is forced to discard from some other suit if the need arises. You lead the ♠3 to dummy`s ace (trick 6) and take three more tricks with the ♠KQJ (tricks 7, 8, 9) discarding the ♣10 and two diamonds. West ditches two diamonds too, so East has the remaining ♠10.

Next you lead the K (trick 10). East discards a small club and as you know East has the ♠10, he cannot have more than two hearts. You lead the 10 from dummy`s hand and as East plays a small heart you win that trick with the J (trick 11). Now you lead the K (trick 12), then the 8 (trick 13).

65 Deal 109742
974 Q32
Q10743 6
QJ7 A543

Was there an alternative contract which could have been declared and made? Yes, South-North could have made 6, but not 6♠, as East had five spades including the ♠109.

If 6 were the contract, West would probably have opened likewise by leading the ♣Q and East won the trick with the ♣A (trick 1). East would probably have led his singleton diamond enabling a free finesse, so you could have won this trick with the J (trick 2).

After that you could have led and finessed the 10 and if East played a low card, the trick would have been won by the 10 (trick 3). Next you would have led a small heart to your J (trick 4) and taken another trick with the A discarding a small club from dummy`s hand (trick 5).

After that you could have taken a trick with the ♣K (trick 6), four tricks with spades (tricks 7, 8, 9, 10), one trick with the ace of diamond and the last two with trumps.


Par Contract Analysis:

The par contract on this deal is 6NT South (North).

Bridge Baron deal No : N1112-94783-50160-66214-04701-59360

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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