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Deal of the Week (Apr 28, 2006) Click here for Archives
North   East   South   West
            pass    1NT     pass
2C       pass    2S        pass
4S       all pass

This week's deal is a defensive problem. You hold the East hand, and remain silent as opponents reach 4S after a standard Stayman auction. Plan your defense after partner leads the ♣2.
Partner's ♣2 lead is an obvious singleton. It is tempting to give partner his club ruff. Before you do so, you should ask yourself where will the setting trick come from. Since dummy is pretty strong, you cannot expect partner to hold any high cards. You don't have another entry to give partner a second club ruff. The solution is to obtain a diamond ruff. To prepare for the diamond ruff, you should lead a diamond at trick two. Declarer wins this trick in dummy, and plays a spade. You should go up with the Ace, and give partner his club ruff now. Partner in turn will give you a diamond ruff and set the contract.
 42 Deal  A87
 J1032  9865
 J98643  7
 2  A8764

According to Bridge Baron's double dummy analysis, this is the only defence that defeats 4S. If you fail to play a diamond at trick 2 and give partner a club ruff, the contract can no longer be beaten.
Par Contract Analysis:
The par contract is 5NT for North-South. They chose a wrong moment to play in the major fit; 3NT would have led to a much happier ending.

Bridge Baron deal No : 21692449158924600633432934466

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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