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The Auction:
South  West  North   East
1      pass    4NT*   pass
5**   pass    6     all pass

* Roman key-card Blackwood (RKCB) in hearts
** 0 or 3 key cards

You open 1 with the South hand in spite of the dubious heart suit. Partner wastes no time in the auction, and bids RKCB Blackwood (also known as RKCB 3041 or RKCB 0314) in hearts, asking you for the number of key cards you have. You bid 5, showing 0 or 3 key cards. Partner ends the auction with 6, knowing that you must have 3 key cards since you opened the bidding. West leads the J, which you win in hand. It is up to you to make the contract.

You need the hearts to break 3-2 for starters; you cannot handle a 4-1 trump break. Whenever West has the K, you are home. Before you play a heart to the queen, you can give yourself an extra chance and play a heart to the 9. This play gains when West has three hearts to the J10, in which case the 9 will drive out the King. If you start by playing a heart to the queen, you will have to lose two tricks in this scenario. If the 9 loses to the 10 or the J, you will play a heart to the Queen, hoping West has the K.
 983 Deal  J1052
 J106  K8
 J1093  872
 J42  Q1093

On this deal, Bridge Baron confirms that playing a heart to the 9 is required to make the slam.
Par Contract Analysis:
The par contract is 6NT by North or South. In matchpoints, there is a definite case for North to bid 6NT, as +990 in 6NT will beat all the declarers who score +980 in 6. Since the scoring was IMPS, bidding 6 was reasonable, though a case could still be made for bidding 6NT, as the play in 6H and 6NT are identical.

Bridge Baron deal No : 43313076385607004853350369875

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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