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The Auction:
West  North  East  South
1      pass    2     dbl
pass     2♠     pass   2NT
pass    3NT   all pass

After you open 1 as West, opponents reach a contract of 3NT. You lead your fourth best heart, partner plays the 9 and declarer wins the Ace. Declarer plays a diamond to dummy's 9 which wins, and plays a diamond back to his King, you win the Ace perforce. How do you plan to defeat the contract?

Partner's 9 is the highest card he has, therefore declarer has the remaining heart honors. Let us perform a quick addition of declarer's points. He has shown 9 points in hearts, 4 in diamonds, and should have the ♠A or the ♣K or both to justify his strong bidding. If he has the ♠A, he has 4 diamond tricks, 3 heart tricks, and 2 black aces for a total of 9 tricks. Therefore you have to play partner for the ♠A. If partner has a spade holding of A9xx or better, you can score 4 spade tricks. You should therefore shift to the ♠K. Partner encourages with the 10, and after scoring three more spade tricks you set the contract by 1 trick.

 KQ5 Deal  A1092
 J10852  973
 A4  852
 J93  Q104

If you failed to switch to the ♠K, declarer will score 4 diamond tricks, 3 heart tricks and 2 club tricks for a total of 9 tricks.

Looking at all four hands, it is obvious that a switch to the ♠K is required to defeat the contract, and Bridge Baron's double dummy analysis confirmed it.
Par Contract Analysis:
4 is the par contract for North-South, according to Bridge Baron's par contract analysis. Also, North-South can take only 8 tricks in notrumps.

Bridge Baron deal No : 18505197831914085154835439827

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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