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Deal of the Week (Mar 16, 2007) Click here for Archives
The Auction:
West   North   East   South
            1NT   2NT1   3♠2
pass      4♠     pass    pass
dbl       all pass   

1 - Both minors
2 - Competitive hand with spades; not invitational

Partner opens a 15-17 1NT, over which East bids the "Unusual 2NT" to show both minors. You play a treatment called "Unusual over Unusual" over this, where 3♣ would show a good hand with hearts, 3 would show a good hand with spades, so that 3 and 3♠ would be competitive. So you have an easy 3♠ bid available. Partner reevaluates his hand, and raises you to 4. West doubles the final contract, which ends the auction.

The opening lead is ♣Q. How do you play the hand? (If you ruff a club at any stage, East will play the King and West the Jack)

West rates to have all four missing trumps for his double. Assuming West holds the A for his double, you still have 2 heart losers. You have two diamond losers as well, which need to be dealt with. You can however maneuver to combine your diamond losers with your trump loser by threatening to ruff your diamonds in dummy after cashing the Ace and King. Here is a recommended line of play:

Trick 1: Win the ♣A.
Trick 2: Play a spade to the Ace, RHO's club discard confirms that spades are 4-0.
Tricks 3-4: Cash AK, all following.
Trick 5: Club ruff, East playing the King and West playing the Jack.
Trick 6: Lead a diamond.

If West ruffs in, you will simply discard from dummy. You will win West's return (it does not matter what he returns), draw trumps and eventually manage to ruff the other diamond in dummy, as well as lead up to the K.

If West discards on both diamond leads, it is a simple matter to ruff them on the board. If West discards on the first diamond lead, but ruffs the second diamond, once again you are home whether you discard a heart or overruff with the Queen.

 J1098 Deal  -
 AQJ87  4
 83  QJ1094
 QJ  K1095432

As you see, once you embark on the general line of ruffing your diamond losers in dummy, the play is relatively simple. If you felt this line of play was easy, you should congratulate yourself. The declarer when this hand was played at the table at a high level game, as well as two expert players who were given the hand, fell into the trap of ruffing two clubs in hand prematurely. As the cards were, clubs were 7-2; West overruffed and returned a trump, after which the contract was unmakeable.

Bridge Baron's double dummy analysis confirms that the general line of trying to ruff two diamonds in dummy works. The analysis also confirms that ruffing two clubs prematurely in hand is fatal.
Par Contract Analysis:
East-West have an excellent sacrifice in 5♣X, which is the par contract.

Bridge Baron deal No : N0399-66453-34967-04902-23518-73582

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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