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The Auction:
West  North  East  South
1♣     dbl      1     pass
1♠     dbl      2♣     pass
3♣     dbl      pass    3
all pass

You are dealt the unimpressive South hand in a pair event. West opens 1♣, partner makes a takeout double, RHO bids 1 and you pass. West bids 1♠, partner doubles to show a good hand, East returns to his partner's first bid suit by bidding 2♣. Your hand has still not improved, so you pass again. West preemptively raises the level by bidding 3♣ which evokes yet another double from partner! RHO passes, you are forced to find a call and bid 3. LHO passes and partner pauses to consider the possibility of game, before reluctantly passing. Suddenly, you end up declaring the hand with your zero count. Who would have guessed!

West leads the ♣A and East plays an encouraging Ten. West switches to the 4 to start trick 2. Plan the play.

West is marked with the ♠K as he opened the bidding. However, you need two entries to hand to take two spade finesses, while you have only one in the form of a trump. You can engineer an endplay, and make the opponents lead spades or provide you with an extra entry.

It is important to time the order of your plays correctly. The right play now is to knock out the A, so you play the K from dummy. This is ducked by East. You continue with the Q, East takes the Ace as West pitches a club. East returns a heart to his partner's Jack and dummy's King, and you now draw the last trump with the Jack. The stage is set for the endplay, and you now exit with a club (a heart is okay too). The opponents can win this, and cash a heart winner, but must play a spade and allow you to take the finesse, or play a heart or club conceding a ruff and discard. If they concede a ruff and discard, you ruff in hand and discard a spade from dummy, thereby obtaining your extra entry. You take the spade finesse, cross over to hand with the last trump, take another spade finesse and score 9 tricks.

At the point when you won the K in dummy, you can reverse the order of plays by crossing over to hand with a trump to take a spade finesse, and then exiting with a club or heart, to execute the endplay to gain the extra entry.

 K1087 Deal  43
 J54  Q832
 2  A94
 AKJ52  Q1097

Endplays usually yield an extra trick or two. The endplay on this deal was unusual in that it did not result in an extra trick, but provided you with a non-material gain in the form of an entry.

Bridge Baron's double dummy solver confirmed that the recommended line of play succeeds whenever the ♠K is onside.

Bridge Baron's Line of Play
Bridge Baron followed the recommended line of play and made the contract. Baron played trumps first and then exited with a club. The defense won the club, cashed a heart and conceded a ruff and discard, but baron correctly took the ruff in hand, thus gaining the extra entry and was able to take two spade finesses.

Par Contract Analysis:
The par contract is 3 by North-South. Partner did well by competing with a third double as the opponents can make 3♣.

Bridge Baron deal No : N1230-24736-18291-61019-53725-57649

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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