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You are South on this deal, and open the bidding with 1, and find yourself in 6 after a few rounds of bidding. Plan the play after West leads the ♣K.

You need to avoid losing two spade tricks, and the obvious solution is to take the double finesse in spades (i.e. play a spade to the ten, followed by a spade to the queen), which succeeds whenever West holds at least one spade honor, a 75% chance.

When East has both the spade honors, this line of play fails. There is another line of play that guarantees the contract regardless of the position of the king and jack of spades. Win the club lead with the ace, cash the A, play a diamond to the Ace and when all follow to the first diamond, cash the Q. Now cash the K discarding a club, cash the Q discarding a spade, and ruff a heart. Enter dummy with the 10, and ruff the club. The position now is:

 762 Deal  KJ9
 -  -
  -   -
 Q  J
Now, play a spade to the ten. East can win the trick with the jack, but is endplayed to play a spade into dummy's ace-queen or concede a ruff and discard.
 762 Deal  KJ9
 1087  J9543
  J7   8
 KQ1096  J742

If diamonds are 3-0, you need to use the ace and queen of diamonds as entries to ruff a heart and club to complete the elimination, therefore it is essential to unblock the A before you play a diamond to dummy.

Bridge Baron's double dummy solver agrees that eliminating the side suits and endplaying East in spades is the only route to success. The double dummy analysis also pointed out that an initial spade lead defeats the contract, since it breaks up the endplay.
Par Contract Analysis:
The par contract on this deal is 6 by North.

Bridge Baron deal No : N3763-78608-30676-78848-81398-74269

You can download this deal in PPL format, and view it with Bridge Baron here :
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